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Precise is Adelaide’s leading Plumbing and Electrical maintenance company

We have a reputation of delivering Adelaide’s best trade experience, which is why over 90% of our customers recommend us to their family and friends. We built our business on being discontent with what was being delivered to Adelaide’s market and decided that being average was not good enough. We have made several innovations to raise the bar when it comes to delivering plumbing and electrical services.

These include mandatory satisfaction surveys on all jobs, lifetime workmanship guarantees, arriving on time to over 99% of all jobs and our jobs are processed in real time onsite, utilising the most up to date technology.

To learn more about us, check out our journey below:

From the very beginning


Precise Plumbing was founded in 1999, with the concept aimed at delivering the most professional trade experience to Adelaide’s domestic market. We wanted to wow Adelaide’s customers and set the market expectation that a plumbing company can be professional, arrive on time and most importantly deliver the best valued service to its customers. We develop and implement our first custom built automated job management system to help run our business.

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Precise Plumbing is approached by some of the state’s largest Property Management companies to look after their portfolios. We were pretty excited about this news.

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Precise Plumbing successfully completes its 10,000th job for a happy customer in Fulham Gardens (we still work for them). We now service and maintain plumbing for over 30 Property Management agencies in Adelaide. Our customer base is growing and the good news is spreading.

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SA Pipe Relining is founded. SA Pipe is an innovative unique technology that repairs broken, cracked and even missing drains without the need of digging up infrastructure. The business was created as a solution to our customers that were experiencing constant drain issues and we could now offer a cost-effective solution to remedy our customers problems.

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Precise Plumbing launches our innovative job management program. Our technicians can now attend to our customers jobs and complete the entire job in ‘real time’– from job safety, materials to invoicing. This implementation on average saves our customers 15 minutes in unnecessary time onsite. We successfully complete our 50,000th job.

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We launch our customer feedback initiative, contacting all customers 1 week after their job has been completed to ensure we have delivered on all areas of our service. This gives us a great benchmark to improve our customer service for the future.

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Precise Electrical Services is founded based on the request of our customers. The direct feedback from our customers showed that we were ticking the right boxes in the right areas and we’re now ready to expand our trade. We successfully complete our 150,000th job.

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Precise Plumbing and Precise Electrical both change our pricing model to be completely ‘fixed price’. Our customers now have the confidence of knowing what their job will cost upfront, and make an informed decision with no strings attached. This is drastically different to the traditional do and charge trade model, and our customer’s feedback is fantastic!

Fleet size = 30


Precise (not plumbing or electrical) is founded. We’ve gone corporate! Not really, but really! Our parent entity is born. We are now Adelaide’s leading multi-trade service provider, successfully looking after over 150 Property Management agencies and working for some of the country’s largest institutions. We still consider ourselves a large one-man band.

Fleet size = 33


Business as usual with steady growth. Strong business focus on our customers’ Precise experience. Begin searching for new office premises as we’re outgrowing our existing office/warehouse space.

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Purchased new office/warehouse. Commenced renovating the internal warehouse space. Gained council approval to develop front office building. Packed up and moved out! Relocated 20 years worth of ‘stuff’ to our new premises in July. We begin expanding again and launch our general building renovation division. We employ our first building supervisor, bricklayer, tiler and carpenter. Employ another four apprentices with one eye on the future.

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